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Your lawn is under unique and stressful conditions. It requires maintenance, watering, and fertilization. That’s why the team from Aerating Seeding KC is here to help. We are trained to handle your toughest lawn challenges with treatments that are safe for you and your entire family.

Comprehensive Fertilization Services 

Ideally, hiring a lawn care service is the best option if you own larger gardens. It can be challenging to treat and maintain a large area manually if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools. If professional fertilization services for your lawn are on your bucket list, then it’s time to cross it out!

Aerating Seeding KC provides large-scale lawn care services to help you enhance the health and appeal of your lawns and gardens. Aside from fertilization, we also specialize in other lawn care solutions like weed control, crabgrass prevention, aeration, and seeding.

If you are aiming for a green and lush lawn that you envision; work with and see what makes us different from other companies in Kansas City, MO. At Aerating Seeding KC, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not experience the patchy and yellowing grass you had before.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

Why Is Weed Removal Important?

The majority of the weeds are ugly and not appealing on your lawn. This is an obvious reason to remove the weeds.

Keep your yard free of weeds by hiring the local weed control professionals from Aerating Seeding KC. We provide top-notch weed control services you can count on to keep your property looking great all year round.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

They grow into pathways

Perhaps you’re not bothered about a few weeds growing in your flower bed. However, once it gets out of control, weeds will find their way into places that you don’t want them.

They grow into your greenhouse and do their best to find their way to your home. Their roots are quite strong where they can hold pressure that can hold onto rocks. As they grow, they can push apart slabs in your pathways in the future.

Replacing the new gaps between the paving slabs could be expensive, so don’t take the risk of wasting money and getting those weeds under control.

They get in the way

You probably see those pesky weeds getting in the way of your precious garden. As a rule, removing these weeds makes gardening much easier and faster.

If they have grown in your fruit-bearing plants, they could have blocked and stolen food and nutrients from them too. You could end up harvesting fruits that aren’t as sweet or tasty.

They are hiding places for pests

Weed removal isn’t just about getting rid of weeds to beautify your lawn. Long grass and weeds make a perfect breeding place for pests, such as bugs, rodents, and cockroaches. If there are more bugs in the garden, it means there are more mouths to feed. They could be eating your precious garden plants. Therefore, cutting back on these unwanted weeds means removing these hiding places. Doing so can even save your property from vermin invasion.

They compete for nutrients with your garden plants

If you’re into beautiful landscape plants in your garden, you should be careful not to overrun them with weeds later on.

Weeds grow quickly and they can fight your precious plants for nutrients. Generally, they’re pretty good at this, which can weaken and even kill your plants. As they grow, they become harder to remove. Dealing with them early will solve any problems that you encounter in the future.

Local Places to Visit in Lees Summit, Missouri

B&B Theaters

Looking to elevate your movie-going experience? B&B Lee’s Summit 16 or B&B New Longview is your chance for a state-of-the-art cinema experience! Whether you want to sit on reclining seats for each auditorium MX4D Motion EDX, B&B Grand Screen, etc. B&B Theaters got you covered! The auditorium is designed for young children and the theater has options meant even for the young at heart!

Blue Springs Lake

If you want to chill and want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones through beautiful views you can do it on Blue Springs Lake. Boasting 720 acres, the place is perfect for jet skiing, water skiing, power boating, tubing, and more. Lee’s Summit, Mo can make your #1 summer fun spot.

Downtown Lee’s Summit

Downtown Lee’s Summit, is highly regarded as an award-winning Missouri great neighborhood and a great American main Street. It houses locally owned specialty shops and a wide selection of casual and fine dining. From brick-and-mortar design up to contemporary designs of establishments, you can surely find what you are looking for. 

The place is the #1 place to go and a must-visit for those looking for dining, shopping, and overall entertainment. You can find almost everything you need from boutique clothing, home furnishings, accessories, and everything in between.

Downtown Lee’s Summit Farmers Market

Indulge yourself in the freshness of the farmers’ market which is very famous in Lee’s Summit Missouri by America’s Farmland Trust. Surely, you will never leave the place empty-handed as you can buy a plethora of locally grown produce, baked goods, plants, handmade crafts, and more.

Frontier Justice

Frontier Justice is the local firearms and shopping destination in Lee’s Summit, MO that offers a wide range of products related to fashion and firearms. It also offers unique experiences, classes, special events, products, and items for the beginner up to the most talented firearms enthusiast. Frontier Justice comes with a classroom, simulator room, event space, boutique, and ranges. 

While you are still in Lee’s Summit, MO, you can drop by their next-generation range that offers 50-yard indoor lanes in Missouri.

Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens lies 15 miles east of Lee’s Summit. It features all-encompassing breathtaking views, lakes, and green meadows. You can also discover seven themed gardens. 

Heartland Harvest Garden is a 12-acre land and the nation’s largest edible landscape. It houses more than 2,000 kinds of food plants and tasting stations, guest chef dinners, demonstrations, and its modern Missouri Barn. 

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Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO