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A well-kept lawn not only makes you feel proud of yourself but also improves the appearance of your house from the outside. However, we all know that maintaining a lawn can be daunting, which is why many homeowners attempt DIY lawn care. Performing DIY lawn care is only applicable if you have lots of time on your hands, you have the knowledge, plus you have the right tools.

If you lack just one of these basic requirements, your DIY lawn care could turn into a disaster. This is where hiring professional lawn care plays a vital role. If you’re looking for the best in the area, Aerating Seeding KC is the top recommendation.

We are a local company situated in Spring Hills, Kansas but we also cater to other nearby cities. Our company has a professionally trained specialist that can handle all types of lawn problems, be it with weeds, pests, or landscape. We have been in the industry for 10 years, so it’s something we are very good at.

No worries, if there could be injuries or damages that arise during the project since we are licensed and insured. This means that you won’t be liable for any damages to your property. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the proper storage of chemicals or how to dispose of these pesticides because we will be the ones who will handle them.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

Our Services

Lawn care is essential and looking for an expert can make it easier and more effective. At Aerating Seeding KC, you can put your trust in our experience and expertise to provide excellent lawn care services, such as:

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO


When it comes to lawn maintenance, fertilizing the lawn might be difficult. Using the incorrect fertilizer can be more detrimental than beneficial. Nonetheless, it is an important step because your lawn needs these minerals for healthy grass.

Our skilled professionals can assist with the proper fertilizer, which can enhance the appearance, feel, and health of your grass. To give your home's lawn the stunning, lush appearance it deserves, we exclusively use organic fertilizers and a proprietary formula that is both safe and efficient.

Weed control

If you don't invest in professional weed management services, weeds can quickly take over your lawn, particularly in the warmer months. We concentrate on the high-risk months from Spring to Autumn to provide you with effective weed management service, preventing weeds from sprouting on your lovely property.

Our team looks over your lawn to determine the best pre-emergent treatments to prevent nutrient loss and applies spot treatments to eliminate any growing weeds. Our innovative weed management methods and years of experience are secure and efficient.


When your grass is thin, patchy, or having problems absorbing water, aeration is required. Using this procedure, soil compaction can be broken up, allowing nutrients, air, and water to reach the roots. You may rely on us to handle this task correctly and with the appropriate equipment.

Disease control

If left untreated, lawn disease can advance quickly even though it may not initially be a reason for alarm. When a disease first shows its symptoms, it's critical to respond quickly. Our skilled staff will take care of the issue quickly and restore your lawn's lush, healthy appearance.

Brown patches, gray leaf and dollar spots, red thread, and necrotic green spots are just a few of the lawn problems that we can treat.

About Spring Hills, Kansas

Spring Hills is a mid-sized city in Kansas that’s located in the County of Johnson. This place provides a suburban lifestyle that is more fast-paced than the surrounding areas of Kansas. It is a fantastic location to call home because of its high rankings across a variety of various metrics and diversity.

This city meets the needs and desires of its citizens. The expense of housing is reasonable and shouldn't take up too much of an individual's income. There are many different careers available, so finding one isn't tough. When compared to other cities, the overall cost of living is lower, including utilities, groceries, health care, transportation, and miscellaneous things.

Residents of Spring Hills can feel at peace going out at night because it is a safe neighborhood to live in. There are numerous pubs, eateries, and other attractions in the city of Spring Hills. Parks and other open areas abound here.

At Spring Hills, there are a lot of traditional families and young professionals. The locals are pleasant and hospitable, and they welcome the various cultures and religions that are on display. Spring Hills has excellent public and private schools.

Local Attractions In Spring Hills, Kansas

Here are some of the locations you may go to in Spring Hills:

Powell Observatory

Every Saturday night, Powell Observatory is accessible to the general public to observe the sparkling beauties of the night sky. Education activities are available from May through October. 

The Kansas City Astronomical Society members who established Powell Observatory in 1984 extended it in 2002. The Solar System, The Big Bang, It Came From Outer Space, an Introduction to Astronomy, Huge Planets, and The Summer Skies are some of the themes covered by the observatory. 

The Powell Observatory’s 16″ telescope will be set up for your use, and there may also be other telescopes set up by members of the Kansas City Astronomical Society. The program closes with an opportunity to view via the 30″ telescope in the dome. 

They will show you the planets, stars, and galaxies, and they like responding to you about the universe and telescopes. Larger groups and private viewings are advised to make reservations.

Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Arboretum and Botanical Garden house more than 75 different species of trees and more than 200 different bird species. There are also gorgeously designed themed gardens, which you can’t missed when you stroll around the city.

Erickson Water Garden, a Railway Garden, a Children’s Discovery Garden, and Monet Garden are a few of these gardens. Also, the area is covered in trails, so you may go for long, peaceful walks and take in the scenery.

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