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The changing seasons can affect the condition of your lawn. Hence, regular maintenance and care will guarantee that it stays lush and beautiful throughout the seasons. Lawn upkeep is an essential task for most homeowners, but one step that’s commonly neglected is aeration.

To upgrade your lawn care, add lawn aeration to your yard work checklist, and see the wonders it can make. Aerating the lawn can make a lasting impression on the quality of your turf. We at Aerating Seeding KC encourage you to include this annual practice in your lawn maintenance routine.

Our company has 10 years of experience and expertise in delivering the best lawn aeration services in the industry. We are equipped with the latest machinery to ensure that your lawn gets proper aeration and keeps it healthy and strong. Moreover, our experts know when is the best time of the year to aerate the property and what is the best type of aeration for your lawn.

We back our services with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. To know more about our aeration services, here’s a quick explanation of what lawn aeration is.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

If your lawn soil seems compacted, it’s time to aerate it; but what does it mean by aerating the soil?

Lawn aeration is done by punching holes in the lawn surface, and lowering the surface compaction while allowing the air, water, and nutrients to enter the ground. These holes create a path for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone easily to help achieve a thick and healthy lawn.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

Here are some factors that might make your soil to become dense and tightly packed:

  • High clay content

Clay soils tend to become more compact than sandy soils because they are heavier and denser.

  • Newly constructed lawn

If your lawn was constructed recently as part of your new home, its topsoil might be buried and the construction workers might have stepped on and compacted the subsoil.

  • Sod and soil layering

If you have a sod lawn, it could be that someone layered the sod’s fine soil on top of the course soil when they installed it. These inconsistent layers can reduce drainage, which can make the soil dense, affecting the penetration of nutrients in the root system.

One of the best ways to determine whether your soil is compact or not is to perform the screwdriver test. If the screwdriver can easily slide several inches into the lawn’s soil surface, then the soil is good. However, if you have experienced lots of resistance, the soil is compact.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

What Are The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration?

You might be wondering what this added step to your lawn maintenance will do. Hence, here are the benefits of performing lawn aeration.

Reduce soil compaction

Compacted soil prevents water, air, and fertilizer from getting down the lawn’s root system, leading to dead spots and patches. Getting rid of the core in the aeration process can reduce the soil density and heaviness, making it lose, which is ideal for lush to grow.

Improves nutrient availability

Performing lawn aeration permits air, water, and fertilizers to penetrate the soil. Once the nutrients enter deeper into the root system, they become available to the turf for use. When this happens, it increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer and ongoing watering to produce healthy turf.

Help in thatch management

Thatch, a layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn, can turn into a thick layer that can rob your grass of the necessary nutrients. When this happens, it can be damaging to your lawn.

Therefore, performing lawn aeration prevents the build-up by originating thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the top of the thatch layer.

Change in soil pH

Applying lime or sulfur after the aeration process can promote a change in the pH of the soil, which is ideal for healthy growth.

Creates a thicker lawn

Aeration promotes root development and growth. However, cool-season grasses require overseeding to prevent bare spots and thicken the turf.

Combining overseeding with aeration can improve seed-to-soil contact, which is necessary for germination and make an optimal environment for seedling growth.

Reduce puddling and water runoff

If you find your yard has runoff or puddling problems even after a light rain, doing aeration could be the solution you need.

Prepares grass during the winter and spring

Before the cold season, grass becomes dormant. Make sure that they are in good condition by combining fall aeration with fall fertilization.

When you aerate before fertilizing the soil, it will help the nutrients absorb more efficiently. Planning for aeration and fertilization in the autumn permits cool-season grasses to get a sufficient amount of buffer to protect themselves from drought during summer and winter frost before the cold season arrives.

If you want a healthy lawn next spring, fall is the best time to call a lawn aeration service with Aerating Seeding KC. The size of the property and other factors may determine the cost of the aeration service. The professionals at Aerating Seeding KC are knowledgeable to consider all these factors and give you a custom plan and accurate quotation with no hidden charges.

Why Choose Aerating Seeding KC?

If you've decided to get an aeration service from Aerating Seeding KC, here are some reasons you should hire us:


When you call Aerating Seeding KC, you could either talk to an owner or a qualified technician that has spent years treating several lawn problems. Our company has been in the industry for a decade, so we know what your lawn needs.

Local Company

While some companies claim to be local to get your business, they could be located out of state. Aerating Seeding KC proudly caters to all properties in Kansas and other nearby cities in Missouri.

Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO
Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO

Saves time and money

Maintaining a lawn on your own takes a lot of research, effort, and money. Not to mention the hassle and stress of guesswork in identifying the problem on your lawn.

If you let our professionals take over, you can save yourself from frustrations, time, and money. You can sit back, relax, and accomplish other things that matter the most to you.

Wide range of services

We offer residential and commercial services for lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, weed control, seeding, and crabgrass prevention.

No matter how big or small the project is, we believe that communication is the key. Expect us to show up on our scheduled appointment and will do everything to finish the project on time. We also give you an update for larger projects while we are in the process of completing them.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The lawns we cater to are a visual representation of the quality of our work. If it doesn’t meet your satisfaction, we will address the issue right away. We put a lot of time and research into how to take proper care of your lawn, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Aerating and Seeding in Kansas City, MO